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3-Day Hands On Automotive Tinting Training - New York
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Whats Covered

Tools Of The Trade:

     Get the in depth run down on all of the tools needed to become and continue to be a professional window tinter. You will be educated on the necessities as well as the optional tools; this way you can choose the tools that work best for you based on your acquired techniques.

Hand Cutting Techniques:

     Learn the best hand cutting techniques for clean, tight, and gap free edges on all types of automotive windows while gaining the proper knife handling methods to avoid damaging glass, rubber trim moldings, and other vehicle components.

Plotter Cutting:

     Understand the process of using a plotter and window film software to pre-cut patterns for a vehicle. We will show you how to setup the plotter, adjust the blade depth / pressure, the workflow of cutting patterns, material weeding, and installation workflows of precut patterns.

Film Shrinking Techniques:

     Learn the proper methods used to heat shrink door windows, quarter windows, and of course rear / front windshields on various types of vehicles, along with with method to use for each situation including wet shrinking, dry shrinking, and pull shrinking which is more commonly used with thicker materials that you may encounter.

Installation Techniques

     Learn the best film handling and installation techniques to ensure a clean and crease free installation every time on all styles of door windows, quarter windows, rear windshields, and full front windshields.


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