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The Tri-Edge X a tool that the angles have been re-calculated and extended into a bigger tool. All the durability and quality of the tri-edge tool, is now made to make those deep gaskets and hard to reach spots more accessible.

  • The Tri-Edge X Blue is our first level tool in this category. It is our softest material used in the Tri-Edge line, perfect for smooth and scratch-free film application.
  • The Tri-Edge X Yellow is our second level tool in this category; stronger than the blue, but not as rigid as the orange.
  • The Tri-Edge X Orange is our third level tool in this category. It is our hardest material used in the Tri-Edge line; great for touching up those final details.
  • The Tri-Edge X PINK is our latest and greatest tool in this category. We’ve taken the design of our Tri-edge X and developed a material that is sure to beat the competition. Our new rubberized, heat resistant material is designed to squeegee water to smooth the film in hard to reach places. This newly formulated material works best on wet surfaces.

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