DIY - Door Windows Starter Tool Kit
$ 25.43


This DIY starter tool kit for door windows includes all window tinting tools you need to tint a side door window or stationary quarter glass window.


  •  1x Lil Chizler ( For working out minor imperfections )
  •  1x 5.5" Yellow Turbo Squeegee (For cleaning the window and squeegeeing the window film )
  •  1x 4" Gray Lidco Bondo Card ( For shrinking fingers that pop up on the window film side without scratching )
  •  1x 4" Black Hard Card ( For shrinking the window film on the release liner side - will scratch the tint side )
  •  1x Platinum Ez-Reach ( For squeegeeing out the sides of a roll down window )
  •  1x Single Edge Razor Holder w/ 4-Blades ( For cleaning / removing stickers on the glass )

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