Lint Free Disposable Cleaning Towels - 20 PACK
$ 7.04


These blue towels are not the same as the huck towels we sell in packs of 4. These are disposable and 100% Lint Free.  Their perfect interior window cleaning towels when it comes to window tinting. These are best used when prepping the windows for installation of window film. 

Window Cleaning Procedure-

1. Spray window with soapy water and razor blade with a 1" blade

2. Wipe the window down with these blue towels to remove any residue

3. Directly before installing the window film spray the window again with soapy water, Then squeegee with a 5 1/2" yellow turbo squeegee overlapping each stroke to ensure proper contamination removal. then spray your soapy water solution again for lubrication and apply the window film.


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